Hook - Necklace - bone

Hook - Necklace - 2

The Hei Matau Necklace is said to bring good luck to the wearer. This hand carved Hei Matau Necklace is a truly meaningful gift, that not only looks great but has a sentimental meaning as well. This lovely Bone Carving Necklace expresses your wishes and blessings of good luck, prosperity and safety. They will truly know you care when they receive this gift.

The Maori symbol of the Fish hook, the Hei Matau is symbolic of abundance and plenty. It is considered a device for catching good luck and positive energy and also for safe journeys especially over water.
This Hei Matau Necklace from Paua Mania also features an impressive tattoo style scrimshaw design for a unique look. It hangs from a waxed cord, with a Paua toggle and looks impressive when worn.

This Maori symbol Necklace makes a fabulous gift idea for anyone wanting a gift with a true touch of New Zealand or kiwiana.

Hook - Necklace - bone
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